SP is seen with potential in renewable energy

The interior of São Paulo has a renewable energy potential that is considered a “hillbilly pre-salt”, according to Ricardo Cantarini, executive assistant of the oil and gas subsecretariat of the Department of Infrastructure and Environment of the state of São Paulo.

During the IX Seminar on bioelectricity, Cantarini stressed the importance of the production of the state of São Paulo, which is currently the largest producer of sugarcane and ethanol and the second largest producer of gas in Brazil.

“The global trend focuses on energy efficiency and renewable matrices to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions. Between 2006 and 2017, an increase in ethanol consumption in the state of São Paulo was recorded, causing a drastic reduction in emissions, “says Cantarini.

He also stressed the strategic importance of energy production in plants and the potential of biogas production through Vinasse and reported the project involving production in two plants in the region of Presidente Prudente/SP.

“We currently have 204 power plants generating electricity, being 70 units in 20 km distance from the transmission line network. Another opportunity is the production of biogas by means of Vinasse, which has a production potential of 8 million cubic meters per day. This volume represents half of the 16 million cubic meters that are consumed in our state. We have a “hillbilly pre-salt” in a renewable energy source and the state Government of São Paulo is supporting and stimulating the projects in this direction, “says Cantarini.

Expectation regarding the government
The president of Fiesp and Ciesp, Paulo Skaf, participated in a debate at Fenasucro with the business leaders of the region addressing topics such as political, economic, pension and tax reforms.

“We trust that the Senate will give its endorsement to the changes negotiated in recent months because it prevents public accounts from collapsing in the next decade by guaranteeing an economy of the order of R $1 trillion.

The first step towards the growth route has already been given. The convergence achieved in this reform should serve as an example for the next challenge: a tax reform that unlocks the economy and manages the jobs we need, “Skaf said.

The event
Fenasucro must move more than R $4 billion in business, involving representatives of 100% of the Brazilian plants and other 43 countries.

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