Second pre-salt hearing takes place this fourth, 4

The Joint commission of the provisional measure 811/2017, which allows the public company pre-salt oil S/A (PPSA) to market directly the oil owned by the union extracted from the pre-salt layer, makes the second public hearing on Wednesday (4).

Published in December last year, the measure ends with the prohibition that pre-salt oil S.A. -PPSA acts directly in the commercialization of petroleum, natural gas and other hydrocarbons, preferably in the auction mode. It also defines the revenue from the union's oil and gas marketing and seals that the remuneration and expenses incurred by PPSA are deducted from the amount determined with the marketing.

were invited to the meeting the former of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) Magda Chambriard; The former president of the Brazilian Energy research Company (EPE) Maurício Tolmasquin; The Legal adviser of pre-Sal petroleum S.A. Olavo bentes David and the assistant Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Planning, Development and management, Walter de Araújo Filho.

The public hearing is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. in room 13 of the Senator Alexandre Costa, annex 2 to the Senate. Source: Senate News. Follow everything that happens in the oil and gas market through the Offshore Panorama and get quality information and news about oil, gas, energies, pre-salt, fuels, gasoline, Petrobras and Offshore. Remember, your business goes through here. Check out:


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