Electricity sector loses R$ 4.6 billion with pandemic

According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), in a bulletin on the impact of covid-19, the electricity sector has already lost on average R$ 4.623 billion, due to the drop in sales and the increase in defaults – most of this amount, or R$ 3.478 billion, refers to the increase in defaults.

According to the MME, the level of default in the sector since March 18 reached 15.08%, a figure almost five times higher than the average recorded in the first half of 2019, of 3.27%. As a means, distributors have stopped raising R$ 3.478 billion since the beginning of the pandemic.

There is also an estimated impact of R$ 2.057 billion due to the reduction in revenues due to the pandemic. The MME points out that only last Sunday the average energy load of the National Interconnected System was 17.16% lower than the typical curve prior to the restriction measures. 

Due to the framework, the MME intends to include in the loan the postponement of installments that would increase the value of the electricity bill this year. Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) seeks resources from sector funds that can be transferred to the distributors' cash, such as research and technological development funds or the balance of tariff flag accounts, to reduce the value of the credit.


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