Oil sector has good forecasts for 2019

The offshore market is forecast for growth in 2019 and along with that the number of vacancies and employment opportunities increase. The finding is due to the drilling demands in up to 23 wells and four large companies intend to continue the work carried out in 2018. They are: Petrobras, Equinor, Shell and Petrorio.

Although the oil market has undergone four years of difficulties, the expectation is that the follow-up does not stop growing. And the search for jobs in the area has risen, given the economic instability that caused the loss of employment of more than 13 million of Brazilians.

In order to achieve job opportunities, specialization is needed, because as much as the market is wide and the number of vacancies can increase in the next year, the more qualifications and experience in the larger area will be the chances of professional success. The most sought-after and promising positions are from offshore drilling consultants, work-over staff, installation managers and tank captain.

And also, according to the Executive Secretary of Exploration and production of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP), Antonio Guimarães, the expectation is that more than 500,000 direct and indirect vacancies in the sector up to 2020.

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