Senate approves text change that allows for oil megaly

Last Wednesday, November 7, the Senators opened a request for urgency on the bill that allows the revision of the contract between the Union and Petrobras regarding the areas of the pre-salt, allowing a megeilão of oil with the possible Revenues of up to R $100 billion. The vote on the text is scheduled for the 27th, still this month.

The text of the current project allows Petrobras to sell up to 70% of its participation in the fields of costly assignment. With this, the company achieved the right to explore five billion barrels of oil from the pre-salt layer in the Santos basin. The text had already been enlarged and inserted in the articles to allow the agreement and the auction.

The proposal also grants the consortia that Petrobras participates in following the rules of the state law for the purchase of products and services. If the new text is approved, the consortia for purchase will be released only from an invitation in a list of vendors. The change of the text exposes once again the dismount of national heritage.

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