Petrobras sectors can be privatised

In a public hearing held on Tuesday, June 6, on the infrastructure services Committee of the Senate, the Minister of mines and energy, Fernando Rabbit Son, said the best way to expand the energy supply for the region of the Amazon is privatize Petrobras ' sectors.

According to Coelho Filho, supplying the Amazon population is very precarious and costly, and privatize energy companies such as Petrobras and Eletrobras, will extend the service to these areas and will provide quality energy at more competitive prices. The Minister said that there is already a plan, which has been studied to privatize the two companies.

Other energy issues were also dealt with by rabbit, as renewable sources, among them the RenovaBio, a project that encourages the production of biofuels, energy auctions in the North of the country and legal framework for the energy sector.

The public hearing was requested by Senator Eduardo Braga, in order to edit an interim measure between Petrobras and Eletrobrás in order to regulate the divergences in the supply of gas to the power plants of the Amazon.

The oil company had suspended the supply of natural gas to the thermoelectric plants managed by holding due to non-payment of a debt of RS $8.2 billion. However, the Eletrobras has already obtained permission from justice for refuelling.

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