Shareholders approve Shell's climate strategy

The climate strategy of the Royal Dutch Shell group, which focuses on reducing dependence on oil and gas until neutralizing carbon emissions in 2050, was approved by the company's shareholders last Tuesday (18).

Despite this, NGOs and environmentalists are against some of the methods described in the company's plan. One of the arguments is that, for example, despite the strategy setting pollutant reduction targets, it does not include the abandonment of hydrocarbons, which account for most of Shell's profits. An estimate from the International Energy Agency (IEA) stipulated that the ideal would be for the sector to stop all new exploration projects to keep global warming under control.

Among shell's strategic measures to become carbon neutral is investment in new energy and reducing its dependence on oil by between 1% and 2% per year. It is worth remembering that previously, Shell had said that its oil production would peak in 2019, before the pandemic hit the oil market.


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