Six ports of Pará go to auction today

On Friday (5) The federal government will lead to the auction at the headquarters of B3 (SP), six port terminals in Pará, five in the Port of Belém and one in Porto Vila do Conde. All areas are used for fuel handling and storage. This is the second auction of port terminals only in 2019.

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, the forecast is that the auction raises about R $430 million. By the rules, the highest offer to the Union will be won, based on the minimum grant of R $1.00. The value is justified by the government because of the stimulus to the greater investment capacity of companies in cargo handling and better provision of services to users.

Among the rules established, the Government prohibits the same investor (isolated or in consortium) from killing more than two areas in the Port of Belém, unless it is a single proposal.

1st auction had already sold four terminals
In The first auction of port terminals this year, on March 22, four areas were sold that are also used for handling and storage of fuels: three in Porto de Cabedelo (PB) and one in the Port of Vitória (ES).

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