Strike is maintained and oil tankers press Petrobras

Since the beginning of the month, officials have been mobilizing in a strike against layoffs at Fafen, a Petrobras fertilizer plant, located in Paraná. As a protest, a group remains chained to the gates factory in Paraná, while another is camped in vigil in front of the company headquarters in downtown Rio. In addition, five trade unionists are a building room on the same floor of the human resources sector and expect some negotiation.

The layoffs would be for the closure of the announced plant petrobras for almost a month, which would cause the unemployment of almost 1,000 people, according to the calculation of the unions and the Public Ministry of Labor of Paraná (MPT-PR). The stoppage is already complete 10 days and there are 40 platforms, 18 terminals, 11 refineries, 20 operating units and 3 administrative bases with workers on strike across the country.

Petrobras said the strike has not yet had an impact on production and which is providing the immediate hiring of people and services to ensure the continuity of their operations. The state claimed that hiring is necessary because unions would have failed to comply with the decision higher labor court (TST), which required 90% of the Effective.  

However, the FNP (National Federation of Oil Tankers) gave guidance so that retirees do not accept the hiring proposal since according to officials, Petrobras would be making calls for former employees to supply the workforce. 


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