Study predicts energy highlight for Africa

The International Energy Agency (IEA) website released this week, an in-depth study on Africa’s energy outlook in 2019. Africa Energy Outlook 2019 found that current plans and investments in African countries are not enough to meet the energy needs of the young and rapidly growing population, however, this could change if the continent evolves with new Policies.

The number of inhabitants in the cities of Africa is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. Therefore, the planned changes may negative, but on the other hand, beneficial, as they can boost the continent’s economic growth, infrastructure development and, in turn, energy demand, which is expected to increase by 60%, to about 1,320 million tonnes of oil equivalent in 2040, based on policies and current plans.

The study makes it clear that this will only occur if correct policies are followed and highlights the richness of natural resources and the advances technological technology of the continent. If they are taken advantage of, Africa may even 2040 meet the energy demands of a savings four times higher than the with only 50% more energy.

In addition, if they strongly emphasize the technologies of clean energy, photovoltaic solar energy could become the largest source of electricity in the region in terms of installed capacity by 2040. The continent also has large reserves of minerals, such as cobalt and platinum, necessary in the rapidly growing clean energy industries.


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