TAG is sold for US $8 billion for French company

The sales process of the associated gas carrier (TAG) of Petrobras entered the phase of completion. The winning offer was the French group Engie in the amount of US $8 billion, which corresponds to 90% of the participation that the company had put on sale together with the immediate discharge of a debt with the BNDES regarding the construction of the carrier.

The completion of the process should take place until next week. As a form of state ritual, after the final design, the sale is again offered to all who presented a proposal and the interested parties have between two and three weeks to evaluate and organize, if they want to fight for the business.

All offerings were above US $7 billion. The TAG has a network of pipelines of 4500 kilometers in the north and northeast, and is the largest isolated asset of Petrobras within the Deinvestment program.

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