Privatization possibilities jeopardize pre-salt

The national heritage is so vast and rich, with the pre-salt provided by Petrobras, it would be possible to change the situation of Brazil because we become the largest producer of oil, and consequently there would be the possibility of investing in sectors such as education , health and quality housing for all Brazilian citizens. instead, our country is sinking more and more in the face of the privatization sequence by the Government in the end of mandate that has been delivering heritage to Foreigners.

That is why we have the right to vote, not allowing corrupt and negligent politicians to go unpunished. Barbarism has been progressing since the government has been feared, that in just two years of government has promoted auctions of about r $51.83 billion barrels of oil, and of those, R $38.8 billion have been stopped in the hands of Multinationals. In addition, his government brought in labor reform, increased taxes and GASOLINE.

At the end of it all, the people who pay is the population that ends up taking over the Expenses. Another factor that makes people suffer is the privatization of public banks, which extinguish the wealth and purchasing power of the Population. While politicians enjoy the goods, something that should be from everyone, once again is delivered into the hands of Foreigners. So it is important to know how to vote to elect someone who fights for our rights and not only benefit a portion of the Population.

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