Unicamp joins photovoltaic project

The market for renewable sources does not grow. This time, Unicamp (State University of Campinas) developed a photovoltaic project on the Campus of Campinas with the ability to generate a reduction in the value of the monthly light account of R $2 million and to supply up to 450 houses. The Initiative was installed in ten locations − Unicamp has ten institutes and 14 colleges.

According to Luiz Carlos Pereira da Silva, project coordinator, the goal is to create a sustainable place that can inspire several cities. The plates have a yield of up to 534 kWp, generating 1 million kW/h in 12 months. The budget revoled around R $10 million, with R $2.1 million funded by the University and the rest by CPFL Paulista − Companhia Paulista de Force e Luz, which operates in 234 municipalities in the state of São Paulo.

Still this year, the campus of Limeira (SP) and Piracicaba (SP) will receive the project proposal, but not yet defined the companies that are also involved.

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