Vitol Group acquires 50% shares of Group Dislub

The Dutch company Vitol Group acquired half (50%) Of the participation of one of the largest network of stations in the country with the revenues of R $5 billion, the Group Dislub Ecuador (GDE). The sale will pass through the authorization of the regulators and partners of the companies with the expectation of completion until the fourth quarter of this year.

The commercialization would be based on the joint venture model, in which both will have access to half of the company's capital. The Brazilian company GDE highlighted that, the acquisition will allow greater investment capacity, reinforcement in management and access to new supply channels.

The president of Vitol Group, Russell Hardy, said he is confident with the purchase and that "the GDE has a strong presence in the regions that have the fastest growth in Brazil and is well positioned to meet the internal market," he said.

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