PEC vote of onerous assignment is delayed in the Senate

The PEC vote of the onerous assignment No. 98/2019 was postponed for the next week due to the unexpected delay of the voting of vetoes during session in Congress. The vote was scheduled for the last Wednesday (28). According to the senator and Rapporteur of the proposal, Cid Gomes (PDT-CE), the PEC 98/2019 should be voted in the first week of September, in two shifts. Soon thereafter, he will be forwarded to the House of Deputies.

The text of the PEC that will vote provides for the transfer of the amount collected by the union with signature bonuses (payment that the winning company of the bid carries out in the signature of the exploration contract) of the pre-salt auction to states and municipalities. The Megaleilão is scheduled to take place on November 6th.

States and municipalities did not receive the values of the first stage of the exploration, because the transfer of the money raised by the pre-salt is counted in the calculation of the primary expenditures of the budget. When the parcel is in the union's spending ceiling, there is no transfer. In contrast, PEC 98/2019 changes this rule to prevent transfers from entering the ceiling account and the money being trapped in the union's vaults.

The onerous assignment is a contact in which the government gave a portion of the pre-salt to Petrobras, which obtained the right to exploit up to 5 billion barrels of oil by direct contracting for 40 years. In return, the state anticipated the payment of R $74.8 billion to the government. Subsequently, a larger volume of oil was discovered in the area, which led Petrobras to request adjustment in the contract due to the devaluation of the price of the oil barrel.

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